I distinguish two way of working.

The first concerns performances in which I am asked to play.  So I have to interpret a role that is offered to me … In this case I suggest my views on the character and the work … And I stand closer to the vision of the director.

The second way of working concerns the process of creation …
In this case, the shows are born because the themes, the subjects are so present in my heart that they overflow my body and sooner or later crystallizes into a spectacle. Personally I prefer this second way of working … But in all cases, even in recent times I play “alone on stage”, I work mainly with three people who direct me and with whom we create together. Those are: Pascale Kouba, Costantino Raimondi and Eddy Castors

Thats why I chose only three spectacles maked in the “Way of creation”:
Monologue with a Suitcase
Radio Tour Eiffel
Out of Place