Bonne rentrée à Tous

Pascale Kouba et Guérassim Dichliev 


Le Projet pédagogique 

« Alphabet du Corps-Poète »

Cours du Mime – tous niveaux / tous les Lundis 18h-20h  – Studio « Le Regard du Cygne »  – 210, rue de Belleville, 75010 PARIS

Cours du Mime – Conservatoire du 9ème arr.

Stages de Mime – tous niveaux / Studios « MICADANSES » – 20 Rue Geoffroy l’Asnier, 75004 Paris

  • 20/10 de 10:00 à 13:00  salle Noces
  • 21/10 de 12:00 à 15:00  salle Noces
  • 27/10 de 13:00 à 16:00  salle May B
  • 28/10 de 13:00 à 16:00 salle So Schnell
  • 24/11 de 13:00 à 16:00 salle May B
  • 25/11 de 12:00 à 16:00  salle So Schnell

Sur le projet :

Voici un projet enrichissant et novateur de par la diversité des moyens qu’il peut engendrer : donner aux participants un nouveau regard sur un art séculaire. Un art dont la Renaissance a été annoncé par les recherches d’Etienne Decroux et Jean-Louis Barrault, et qui a été pérennisé par  la brillante carrière du Mime Marceau – un artiste aux multiples facettes – pédagogue, metteur en scène, interprète.

Un art au rayonnement transversal et interdisciplinaire, car l’art du mime – l’art du corps – est au commencement de toute performance scénique. 



Inscriptions et renseignements : +33 6 20 48 27 39 ou bien par e-mail : / @AlphabetCorpsPoete /

Edimburgh Fringe Festival … ’18

“Out of place” was part of the last Edimburg Fringe Festival . I played it at the French Institut of Scottland.  Here is some photos of this adventure …

Few  “reviews” of  spectators about “Out of Place “:

Miro :

“A show full of energy and spirit.
If you’re to see anything at the fringe that’s the show.
Thank you to Guerrasim!

Nic Harpenden :

” Really great – such a performance – funny and emotional. Best mime @fringe”

Sacha Healey:

“I have been watching this man-flyer for 2 weeks and finally got to see the show … totally worth the wait! A beautiful, evocative, clever kaleidoscope of imagination, we were giggling constantly throughout, with brief breaks for near tears or laughing out loud.  I feel like his world has unlocked something in me, some forgotten gift of childhood sight, where the invisible is more vivid than the seen, and the mundane much more funny. Who needs words when your face can tell such stories?!! Highly recommended!”

Anastasiya Gancheva :

“A show full of emotions, it is ridiculous and sad, it is the the reality we dream and the dream we live.  Excellent choice of music and effects, the moves and sound merge into one. Highly recommended!”

Jim Gillespie :

“Each time I come to the Edinburgh Festival there is one show or one performer that stands out above all others. After a week here watching lots of performances I can safely say that for me “Out of Place” wins that accolade in 2018. The totally committed enthusiasm & energy that this performer throws into this one-man mime-seance is astonishing. One is in the presence of an absolutely genuine & highly creative talent. Please don’t miss this wonderful honed example of mime theatre…… 4 or 5 days afterwards I still feel I’m sitting in the audience …. Real power! ”

You can visit here my crowfunding campaign

Work in progress for a New Bulgarian Tour

After the succes of the March Tour, a new one is on the Road…

Понеделник 28 май – Панагюрище / Читалището

Вторник 29 май – Пазарджик / Младежки Дом

Сряда 30 май – Куртово Конаре / Общината

Понеделник 4 юни – Разград / Читалището

Сряда 6 юни – Обзор / Мултифункционална зала

Четвъртък 7 юни – Провадия / Читалището

Петък 8 юни – Варна / Казино Морска Градина

Събота 9 юни – Свиленград Читалището

Понеделник 11 юни – София / Театър Сфумато



March Tour 2018 – Bulgaria and Austria

After his Award Best Comedian in United Solo / New York.  After his role in « La Bohème » in the National Opera in Paris. Here we are, in march 2018 Guérassim Dichliev – Guero, is coming again in Bulgaria und Austria with his “Out of Place”

March 12  Elena
March 13 Veliko Tarnovo
March 14 Ruse
March 15 Wiena ( Austria )
March 17 Wiena ( Austria )
March 19 Stara Zagora
March 23 Botevgrad

The last press interview : Terminal 3 

The last TV interview :  BTV



And here is the news …

From tonight and for 12 performances I am “The Master of Ceremony” in “La Bohème” at the Opéra Nationale de Paris – Bastille. It is an honor and a great pleasure for me to be able to share the stage with so many great and talented artists : Sonya Yontcheva / Nicole Car, Aida Garifullina, Atalla  Ayan/ Bejamin Bernheim, Artur Rucinski, Alessio Arduini / Andrei Zhilikovsky, Roberto Tagliavini.

Tous sous la baguette du Maestro Gustavo Dudamel. Sans oublier l’œil perçant du grand metteur en scène allemand Claus Guth… et de toute son équipe.

Une grande aventure …

“La Bohème” – la vidéo complète en Streaming sur CultureBox

“La Bohème” – premiers articles (qui me concernent directement) : AltaMusica

“La Bohème” – l’affiche

“La Bohème” – podcast